Thursday, June 1, 2017

Abnormal Lifting

Light as a feather, stiff as a board is what they call it. The trick is performed where a group of 4 people attempt to lift a person using their two fingers. As you might have already watched, the first attempt is a failure. However, after doing a ritual it suddenly worked.

Technically it is not black magic and there's a science behind it. You will notice how strong the mind and body of a person is if they are conditioned. If you do this with a group on a first attempt, we think it will not work because as a human being it is natural for us to think negatively. Thinking negatively has a big impact on how our body respond thus we are not motivated to succeed. However, if we condition our mind and believe that we can do the impossible then this produces great motivation and the produced work and effort is great and this will even be greater if we work together with someone who is as conditioned as you are.

Going back to the trick, the ritual helps the group to believe in themselves where they condition their mind and body to get ready to do the impossible. They synchronize their movement to lift the person at the same time as best as they could and eventually they will succeed.