Saturday, June 24, 2017

Perpetual Motion Machine Myth

There has always been this idea to create free energy that would continuously supply energy infinitely. Perpetual Motion Machines are one of those prototypes that would supposedly attempt to demonstrate continuous motion infinitely. However, at some point it does not work and will always stop and run out of energy.

One of the laws of thermodynamics is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. A machine can only produce power as it consumes. At some point it will need a source of energy to make it move. If you have seen the video above which is a perpetual motion machine, you would notice that it isn't moving at all not until an external source of energy would supply it and that would be when the hand of the guy taking the video made a push to the wheel. As the wheel is turning, it seems like it makes sense that it would keep on rotating forever but it does not because another law of thermodynamics state that as energy is transferred or transformed, more of it is wasted and it just happens that the perpetual motion machine is very good at conserving energy but it will not be able to conserve it forever. Energy within an object naturally degrades overtime just like a magnet.

If we look closely to the perpetual machine on the video, the water in the bottle causes the wheel to spin around because it gets pulled down by gravity on the left side of the wheel. At some point as it goes on, the movement of center of mass in the spinning wheel will distort the process. Each and every spinning object has a center of mass where all the weight would become equal. In the above video, the center of mass of the wheel is at the center of the wheel while it is not spinning. When the wheel starts to spin, the center of mass moves to the bottom left because that is where the weight of the water in the bottle moves. When weights are now equal then the center of mass changes in the wheel, the water's weight which is supposed to give force to continue spinning will not continue to take effect.

The video below is a good demonstration on how the center of mass a spinning object changes.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Abnormal Lifting

Light as a feather, stiff as a board is what they call it. The trick is performed where a group of 4 people attempt to lift a person using their two fingers. As you might have already watched, the first attempt is a failure. However, after doing a ritual it suddenly worked.

Technically it is not black magic and there's a science behind it. You will notice how strong the mind and body of a person is if they are conditioned. If you do this with a group on a first attempt, we think it will not work because as a human being it is natural for us to think negatively. Thinking negatively has a big impact on how our body respond thus we are not motivated to succeed. However, if we condition our mind and believe that we can do the impossible then this produces great motivation and the produced work and effort is great and this will even be greater if we work together with someone who is as conditioned as you are.

Going back to the trick, the ritual helps the group to believe in themselves where they condition their mind and body to get ready to do the impossible. They synchronize their movement to lift the person at the same time as best as they could and eventually they will succeed.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Butane and Coke

A reaction occurs when we add butane liquid to a coke then we flip the bottle upside down. As seen in the video experiment, the coke bottle flew like a rocket. Butane is a flammable gas and is in liquid form if it is below 0 degree Celsius. The boiling point for a butane liquid is 0 degree Celsius which means that anything warmer than 0 degree Celsius will convert the liquid into gas.

When the butane liquid was sprayed on top of the Coke solution, they do not mix together and that is because butane liquid has a property of being non-soluble and has lighter weight than the Coke solution. By the time the butane liquid is out of the container, it is already being transformed into gas at a slow rate. Upon flipping the bottle upside down, butane's gas moves upward and the Coke solution flows downward forcing itself to the butane liquid and gas. A coke has a solution that causes a warm reaction to the butane liquid thus causing it to be converted to a gas at a faster rate. Since more gas are being released and are moving upward at a faster rate, they are trapped in the coke bottle because there is no hole where to escape upwards causing them to be compressed in the bottle until it gets full of gas thus building up pressure. Since there is a hole below the flipped bottle container, all pressure moves toward that direction producing enough force to push the coke bottle upwards with the help from the ground. If the hole where to escape is too small and the production of gas from the butane liquid is much faster than expected, there are chances that the Coke bottle cannot hold the contained pressure anymore and explodes instead.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blue Light and Eyes

There's a lot of product lately that filter blue light and a lot of people ask what is wrong with blue light and why it has to be filtered. It is not a new concept but lately it is becoming of an issue because we are now in an age that computers are very popular and it happens that most of the computer we use has a screen that emits blue light.

The biggest source of blue light is from the sun. We usually see white light coming from the sun but technically it consists of combination of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue light rays. Each of these rays has different wave lengths. The shorter the wave length the stronger the energy it carries and the color blue has the shortest wave length. If we remove the color blue from the white light, you'll notice that the color becomes yellowish, warmer, and more relaxing to the eye. Think of lamps and candles as an example.

The problem with our eyes is that when light comes in, it is not very good at blocking blue light. Excessive absorption of blue light's energy is not healthy because it it can damage the cells of the eye which results to slow blindness and eye strain. Blue light is not that bad, in fact we need it as a natural wake up call in the morning, it boosts alertness, elevates mood, and helps in memory and cognitive functions.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Catching Christian Ian Salvador

A month ago news broke out of a hacker named Christian Ian Salvador a student of Isabela State University in Philippines. According to news sources he copied bank website’s web user interface and added extra details where users were prompted to submit their sensitive information. Users who are unaware and got tricked because of the legitimate look of the phishing website got their details stolen such as their credit card information. Christian on the other end have sold this information to third party users in exchange of cash.

Christian’s gig however ended soon and got caught. Although none of the news sources and investigation have revealed how law enforces caught Christian so we will have to brain storm all the possibilities how this happened.

Case 1

One of the possibility is that Christian would have probably used a stolen credit card for purchase. Whenever we purchase anything online that needs delivery, we have to provide a valid shipping address. It is possible that the credit card would have already marked as stolen and the law enforcers are just waiting for one more transaction that has to happen to capture the next delivery address they would visit.

This probability is high because news sources said that he was able to buy a Car, Motorbike, and high end gadgets.

Case 2

In order to run a phishing website, one of the requirement is a server, a domain name, and a static IP address. In order for phishing website to trick people, they will have to use domain names that are similar to real bank website domain names. Buying a domain name is easy, however buying a static IP address requires you to talk to ISP providers and register your information to them. Assuming that this is how Christian setup his website, he would have been caught by simply tracing the IP address. Whenever we trace IP address, it gives out the ISP provider. Law enforcers would have talked to the ISP provider to get the details of the person who is registered to that static IP address.

Case 3

It is possible that Christian used a web host provider. Registering for a web hosting provider requires you to verify yourself by submitting your information such as name, billing address, picture, and so on to the web hosting provider before you can avail their service. If this is how Christian did it, law enforcers can still trace through IP address which web host provider is running it and would be able to get Christian’s information from them.

The probability of this case however is low if Christian was able to find web host providers which law enforcers cannot cooperate with (e.g. China). Moreover, there are Virtual Private Network (VPN) services that can be used to hide server IP addresses.

Case 4

News sources stated that he admitted selling the information to third party people in exchange of cash. Even though Christian can hide his tracks well, those people who got the information and used it for illegal purposes were caught by the law enforcement and eventually gave up Christian’s identity. It would been that easy for law enforcement to get hold of Christian’s identity if he sold it face to face physically with people who knows a lot about him.

However, assuming that Christian only sold the information online then it would have been difficult for law enforcement to extract Christian’s information since his clients does not know anything about him (similar to Case 3). Law enforcement can use social engineering to act as a “potential buyer” by getting Christian’s contact from one of his clients whom they got identified using stolen credit card (of course the law enforcement would not reveal their identity to Christian’s client so they can get hold of Christian’s contact information). Once they got Christian’s contact information, they do a buy-bust operation.

Case 5

What about you? Do you have any ideas how he got caught? Share your thoughts on the comment below.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lemon Batteries

The experiment is a simple break down on how common voltaic battery works. A battery usually consists of 2 important parts known as the electrodes and the electrolytes.

We also need to understand the basic structure of an atom because they are components that carry positive and negative charges. By law of nature, an atom carries an amount of these charges. Since we are all made of atoms then we all carry a charge. Moreover, positive and negative charges are attracted to each other. By default, our atoms are in neutral state because they carry an equal amount of these charges. During chemical reactions, atoms becomes unstable where they carry unequal amount of charges. In this case, an atom is called an "anion" if it carries more negative charges and it is called a "cation" if it carries more positive charge.

In a battery there are two electrodes known as the cathode and anode. Anions are drawn more towards to the anode and cations are drawn more towards the cathode. Between the electrodes is an electrolyte which is a substance that allows charged atoms (eg. cations/anions) to pass through. In the above experiment, the "Zinc" metal is the anode, the "Copper" metal is the cathode, and the "Citric Juice" is the electrolyte.

When the zinc touches the citric acid, a chemical reaction occurs called "oxidation". Each of zinc atom releases its negative charges. Negative charges cannot pass through electrolytes so it will pass through the external wire. Since the atom lost negative charge and only have positive charge left, it will pass through the electrolytes and drawn to the cathode which is made of copper.

The negative charges that traveled through the wire will be received to the copper where it gains negative charges along with the positive charges it has and results in a chemical reaction called "reduction". The result of this chemical reaction is hydrogen gas.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Water Bending with Electrons

If we look closely around our surroundings, we see everything as objects. Each and every object are made up of many composition composed of sub compositions. However, if we go to deeper compositions, we would realize these objects are made of atoms.

Each and every atom carry a charge called proton and electron. Protons are positive charges and electrons are negative charges. The state of an atom is called neutral if the number of protons is equal to the number of electrons. These charges by law of physics attract each other.

When two objects collide (like rubbing each other), the atoms of these objects clashes and their charges mixes up. Depending on the material, like rubber, some attracts more charge than the other. Thus, if we look at the video above, the rubber balloon became negatively charged because it took a lot of electrons from the hair. On the other hand, the hair became positively charged because most of its electrons are transferred to the rubber thus leaving mostly protons. Since electrons and protons attract, the hair remained sticking to the rubber balloon as an effect. The flowing water from the faucet is also made of atoms that is in neutral state. However, when the negatively charged balloon got close to the water, it attempted to attract the positive charges from the water making it bend.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gravity and Light Bulbs

Turning gravity into energy is not something new. In fact, if you have ever wondered how the clock tower of London is working without battery then Gravity is the answer we’re looking for. Gravity has been the source of energy to make the clock work. Gravity as we know pulls all objects downward which produces a kinetic energy. A machine can be used to absorb the kinetic energy thus converting it to mechanical energy and then can be transformed to electrical energy that is powerful enough to produce light from a bulb.

The video above demonstrate gravity lighting up a bulb. In order for the device to work, it has to use potential energy produced by the gravity. Inside the device, is a machine that is built in the most effective and efficient manner to absorb the energy produced from gravity and transform it to electrical energy. A machine that produces the electrical energy can be done in different ways because electrical energy can be produced either through friction, heat, light, chemicals, pressure, or magnetism. Although the video above does not entirely explain how it works on the inside but most probably a combination of any of the stated sources of electrical energy (probably because it is a secret or patented). However, having the device as cheap as $5.00 it could be possible that the machine uses gears and copper materials to produce friction (cheapest source of electrical energy).

Nevertheless, all these produced electrical energy goes through a light bulb. What makes the light bulb glow is the tungsten filament material. A filament is thin electric conductor wire that can easily heat up and glows. Once it glows, it then produces light.