Saturday, December 31, 2016

Train Experiment using Electromagnetism

The train experiment that was demonstrated on the video uses the concept known as “Electromagnetism”. Magnets has always been around and we are all accustomed that they have 2 poles called the North and South. These poles are responsible for magnetic field around a magnet. These magnetic field is technically a push and pull force. The North Pole produces the push force and the South Pole pulls the force. Thus magnets of the opposite poles attract when attached together and they repel if attempted to face the same poles.

A copper wire or an electric conductor produces a magnetic field when electric current passes through however the force it produces goes only in one direction or a single pole (either push or pull only). The train experiment used a battery where the electric current will be coming from. For a battery to give out electric current, its positive and negative connector should have a conductor. The experiment attached two magnets on both ends of the battery. Electric current also passes through Magnets thus making it a conductor. The magnets has two purpose in the experiment, first it is used as a way point for electricity coming from the battery to go to the copper wire and from the copper wire going back to the other end point of the battery (since the magnets on both ends of the battery touches the copper wire making them all like a connected circuit), secondly, it will be used to repel itself from the magnetic field produced by the copper wire thus making the train move. When current flows through the copper, it produces a magnetic field which produces a push or pull force and the magnets are arranged such that their magnetic field opposes the magnetic field from the copper wire making them repel and move.