Sunday, September 4, 2016

Catching Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes has always been an enemy in our society, not because they are "Mosquitoes" but because they contribute to the cause of death of our very kind. They are known to carry viruses and different kinds of sickness transferring it from one host to another. Luckily, we've been resourceful enough to learn their ethological behavior. We've made chemicals that instantly kills them, however these chemicals also hurt ourselves including the environment and we push through to find better and friendly ways to put an end to them.

If you have seen the video, it is baffling that mixing a yeast with sugar attracts mosquitoes. However there is no magic applied to this but purely science and the natural act of mother nature. Yeast as we know are fungus, they are living things that feed from sugar. Yeast converts these sugar into carbon dioxide which mosquitoes are attracted into. Mosquitoes can technically smell, and they are very much attracted to odor of carbon dioxide. Moreover, they have thermal sensors that can detect heat therefore using dark colored clothes are effective to attract mosquitoes because dark color absorbs more heat efficiently. Therefore having all these mechanisms combined is good enough to trap mosquitoes.