Friday, August 5, 2016

Self Cleaning Toilets and UV Rays

If you ever have wondered which places are the most naturally sanitized locations on earth then most probably you have heard someone say it's the 'beach'. Whenever we think of 'beaches', we think of a warm sunny weather. Lately, people are using Ultra Violet (UV) light as a self cleaning mechanism. Naturally, UV lights are produced from the sun and these radiation has enough energy to break chemical bonds which is a process called ionization. UV rays are radiation that can be damaging to the tissues which is why we get sunburn under the sun. If we look at some hierarchy,  tissues are made of cells, cell are made of molecules, and molecules are made up of atoms that are chemically bonded. When the ionization process comes in, these bond of atoms breaks apart, and eventually without that bond then the tissue is considered dead or have dissolved. Although germs are not mainly made of tissues but they are still made up of cells so an amount of UV rays applied to them gets them killed. Of course, we don't expect these self-cleaning devices to be using the UV light from the sun since the sun only appears at a limited time during the day. They can be artificially produced like the technology they use on tanning booths, lamps, fluorescent and incandescent stuff.