Monday, August 8, 2016

Interactive Dynamic Video and Vibrations

Maybe in a few months from now, the concept of Interactive Dynamic Video (IDV) might be another part of Smart Phone technology. It might either be embedded on the hardware or a software application that can be installed especially that 'Virtual Reality' and 'Augmented Reality' is a thing today.

As you might have watched from the video, we can predict and simulate the movements of an object by simply recording a short clip through a camera. The IDV methodology that they have applied is through sampling the vibration of an object. Everyday in our lives we feel vibrations, it comes from different forces of energy which causes everything around us to shake. Once these source of energy has stopped, the vibration momentarily weakens until it is completely faded. We can think of this natural law happen when we drop an object on a stale water that eventually produces ripples of waves and fades out into the open. Given these rate of how vibrations move and fades, we can mathematically predict at what time it will fade and how long a vibration will take effect if applied  with a given amount of force. Calculating by hand to simulate such effect is a tedious and slow work thus using a computer's fast calculation ability would be the best approach.

Although in reality, there are many factors that needs to be considered in order to produce a more accurate simulation of vibrations. For example, the rate of vibrations are also affected by the properties of an object such as its weight, shape, size, and so on. Another example is when an object produces a vibration because it got moved by another vibration (pretty much like a domino effect). Whatever the amount of energy is applied, naturally vibration will fade as it travels further. Moreover, the effect of vibration are different in every kind of an object.

The above video however does not exactly state the algorithm and factors they have used to make videos interactive, but one thing for sure is that they studied and simulated vibrations very well.