Saturday, July 16, 2016

Vantablack Material

If you have ever wondered what would be the blackest material on earth then you should be looking at the Vantablack material. Vanta stands for Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Arrays. What makes this material interesting is that it absorbs 99.6% of the light that goes through it thus looking at the material feels like you're looking at a black hole. These Carbon nano tubes are responsible for absorbing the light and preventing it to escape. You can think of Carbon nano tubes as a typical tube that you see in everyday life, except that they are too tiny to see since they are measured using the nano unit of measurement. These millions of Carbon nano-tubes are arranged vertically and one of its strong properties is that it has an ideal black body and high absorbance rate. This mean that it just does not absorb light but other stuff as well like radiations.

We can think of a few applications where we can use the material such as improving heat absorption (because black absorbs light), it can be used for creating a new kind of art, it can be used by the military and aerospace to wherever they think it is useful to their objectives.