Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sound Meet Helium

The effect of helium applied to someone else's voice is interesting. Sound is actually produced through vibrations. When air vibrates, it travels through waves which produces sounds that we can hear. These waves usually have high and low pressures which make the different levels of pitch. Whenever we speak, we use our lungs to produce air out of the mouth. The air is vibrated by our vocal chords therefore producing sound as we speak. Helium on the other hand is the lightest gas in the the family of noble gases. Sound travels faster with helium since helium is lighter than air. A sound traveling at high speed would let listeners perceive a squeaky fast sound effect (like the minions movie). On the other hand, if sound travels on a gas heavier than air then we would perceive a slower and deeper sound effect since sound will be traveling at a slower rate.