Saturday, July 23, 2016

Project Aquila

Facebook finally launched an aircraft that would make it possible to distributed internet data at a wider coverage. The idea of the project is to launch an aircraft high up in the sky and be able to receive data and broadcast it back to the ground or to another aircraft to re-broad cast it to another place. We can think of the idea similar to cell towers except that it is flying up above the sky.  The interesting part are the technology that would make all of this possible. In order for the plane to last up flying in the sky, it will have to rely on solar power. The aircraft is as wide as a Boeing plane but lighter than a car so it somehow uses less energy and gets easily recharged. The aircraft will receive internet data using laser beams since it is the fastest way to do it, however if something blocks the path then the signal is blocked so they have to rely on using radio signals as a backup.

Anyhow, whether the project is successful or not, Facebook is still in control of the Internet data making it question whether its Philanthropic vision is true. The very core purpose of the project is to be able to let Internet reach on rural areas especially on developing countries. Yes, Internet will reach places, but connected users are limited only to the information provided to them by Facebook and probably make a business out of it.