Friday, July 15, 2016

Painless Hypodermic Needle

Needles has always been one of the reasons why sick people does not want to get medicine shots. Psychologically, it is natural for people to be afraid of getting stabbed with pointed objects. A few years ago the Painless Hypodermic Needle has been invented that could probably at least mellow down this fear. It is a painless needle because the needle is as thin of Mosquito's Proboscis (that thing that the Mosquito uses to suck out blood). If you have ever been bitten by a Mosquito, most probably you've never felt it or at least with no pain at all. The good side of having small holes after injection is that the recovery is faster.

The concept is designed by a Japanese professor (Aoyagi). He studied Mosquito's Proboscis and attempted to replicate using silicon as a material rather than a metal object. The needle is only 0.1 millimeters in diameter so expect it to break when sudden force is applied during injection. To avoid the problem, professor Aoyagi also copied the movements of how mosquito uses their Proboscis, which is to slightly force and apply vibrations (similar to like how construction workers drill on roads with a jackhammer).