Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mosquito Needle

Wet season has arrived here in the Philippines and one of the rampant sickness is the Dengue Fever carried by mosquitoes. This interesting species are carriers of viruses and it infects humans by the time that they point their needle (Proboscis) beneath your skin.

Mosquitoes are like surgeons, they have a sophisticated Proboscis build and procedure when they attempt to feed from blood. Inside the Proboscis are 6 needles. Two of the needles are designed to drill through the skin, they are sharp and designed like a saw. While the saw-like needles are drilling through the skin, another 2 needles are used to support to keep the skin open. While the skin is open, one of the needle produces a chemical to delay the clotting time of blood while the last needle is used to suck in blood. Since this needles are being used from one host to another, it collects bacteria and viruses which can be injected through the blood stream when they feed. This causes the host to acquire them and get sick.