Thursday, July 14, 2016

Making Fire with Water

Using a clear sandwich bag and water, we can technically create a fire. The concept is to use the water similar to a magnifying glass. When light is applied to a magnifying glass, it bends all the light to a particular direction. When light is accumulated, it produces heat and eventually it can be used to ignite a fire. When light goes through a water, it goes in a refraction state. Refraction occurs when a wave travels to a medium then bounces at an oblique angle. If you have ever observed a pool under a sun, you would notice dancing lights on the floor because the water refracts the sun light while it is being moved back and forth. Using a sandwich bag, we can control the direction of the light to point to a constant location. We prefer to use a transparent sandwich bag since most of the light can go through. We need as much light as possible to produce heat. When we add water to the sandwich bag and shape it like a banana bud, the light that goes through the bag will refract all entering light and bends it to go to the tip where eventually produces the heat we need to ignite fire. Similarly, we can use multiple mirrors to bounce all light to a fixed point, accumulate heat and produce fire.