Saturday, December 31, 2016

Train Experiment using Electromagnetism

The train experiment that was demonstrated on the video uses the concept known as “Electromagnetism”. Magnets has always been around and we are all accustomed that they have 2 poles called the North and South. These poles are responsible for magnetic field around a magnet. These magnetic field is technically a push and pull force. The North Pole produces the push force and the South Pole pulls the force. Thus magnets of the opposite poles attract when attached together and they repel if attempted to face the same poles.

A copper wire or an electric conductor produces a magnetic field when electric current passes through however the force it produces goes only in one direction or a single pole (either push or pull only). The train experiment used a battery where the electric current will be coming from. For a battery to give out electric current, its positive and negative connector should have a conductor. The experiment attached two magnets on both ends of the battery. Electric current also passes through Magnets thus making it a conductor. The magnets has two purpose in the experiment, first it is used as a way point for electricity coming from the battery to go to the copper wire and from the copper wire going back to the other end point of the battery (since the magnets on both ends of the battery touches the copper wire making them all like a connected circuit), secondly, it will be used to repel itself from the magnetic field produced by the copper wire thus making the train move. When current flows through the copper, it produces a magnetic field which produces a push or pull force and the magnets are arranged such that their magnetic field opposes the magnetic field from the copper wire making them repel and move.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Heat Engine

An abundant source of energy nowadays is heat. it can be obtained in many ways such as from the sun. however with the advancement of science there are many ways how we can convert heat into other kinds of energy. One of the ways to convert heat into energy is through a heat engine. the  heat engine is built in the most efficient and effective manner to absorb heat and produce an amount of mechanical energy. the most practical example where we can see how this is applied in real life are from old trains being fueled with charcoal. 

According to the law of thermodynamics, gas molecules vibrate, and produces kinetic energy (like the wind) when in contact with heat. The higher the heat temperature then the faster and stronger these gas molecules move. If they are contained in a space, the molecules bounce and they create an amount of pressure. The force of the pressure depends on the tightness of space in the container. If we observe the video above, gas molecules inside the glass container are heated and produces pressure. To make this pressure to work, the machine attempts to compress the space making gas molecules inside produce higher amount of pressure thus forcing the machine to be pushed back. The machine then uses this force to make the wheel spin and then repeats the cycle and eventually stops when the gas molecules returns to their stable state which happens when heat is gone.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Walking Water

If we drop a water droplet on a surface of water, it bounces for a few times before it merges itself to the water surface. This event is what we call "Coalescence" and it is natural for water to merge together and grow larger in volume after merging. The interesting fact here is that the water droplet had to bounce before it gets totally merged. The video above shows a drop of water in slow motion. As it travels down, there is air resistance being compressed between the water surface and the water droplet. This air resistance causes the water droplet to bounce back up and goes down again. This goes on until the water droplet's force is stronger than the air resistance.

Here is another video where we can technically levitate a water droplet using air resistance.

We notice in the experiment above that we can use sound to float water droplets in the air. As we know, sound travels through air and it brings with them an amount of force depending on the frequency. The experiment shows producing a sound with a force heavier than the water droplet which makes it to stay floating in the air.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Liquid Nitrogen and Balloons

If you have not yet watched the video above you watch it now. As you might have noticed, when you place a balloon into a liquid nitrogen it compresses and when it dries it inflates back to its original form. Liquid nitrogen is a nitrogen but in liquid form and it is in a very low temperature. This means that liquid nitrogen are too cold that it causes rapid freezing when it touches a living tissue. When a gas is cooled down enough, the space that the gas occupies decreases. This state is popularly known as "Charle's Law" which states that the volume it occupies increases if the temperature increases. When the balloon is heated up, the gas inflates and increases in volume.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Catching Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes has always been an enemy in our society, not because they are "Mosquitoes" but because they contribute to the cause of death of our very kind. They are known to carry viruses and different kinds of sickness transferring it from one host to another. Luckily, we've been resourceful enough to learn their ethological behavior. We've made chemicals that instantly kills them, however these chemicals also hurt ourselves including the environment and we push through to find better and friendly ways to put an end to them.

If you have seen the video, it is baffling that mixing a yeast with sugar attracts mosquitoes. However there is no magic applied to this but purely science and the natural act of mother nature. Yeast as we know are fungus, they are living things that feed from sugar. Yeast converts these sugar into carbon dioxide which mosquitoes are attracted into. Mosquitoes can technically smell, and they are very much attracted to odor of carbon dioxide. Moreover, they have thermal sensors that can detect heat therefore using dark colored clothes are effective to attract mosquitoes because dark color absorbs more heat efficiently. Therefore having all these mechanisms combined is good enough to trap mosquitoes.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Interactive Dynamic Video and Vibrations

Maybe in a few months from now, the concept of Interactive Dynamic Video (IDV) might be another part of Smart Phone technology. It might either be embedded on the hardware or a software application that can be installed especially that 'Virtual Reality' and 'Augmented Reality' is a thing today.

As you might have watched from the video, we can predict and simulate the movements of an object by simply recording a short clip through a camera. The IDV methodology that they have applied is through sampling the vibration of an object. Everyday in our lives we feel vibrations, it comes from different forces of energy which causes everything around us to shake. Once these source of energy has stopped, the vibration momentarily weakens until it is completely faded. We can think of this natural law happen when we drop an object on a stale water that eventually produces ripples of waves and fades out into the open. Given these rate of how vibrations move and fades, we can mathematically predict at what time it will fade and how long a vibration will take effect if applied  with a given amount of force. Calculating by hand to simulate such effect is a tedious and slow work thus using a computer's fast calculation ability would be the best approach.

Although in reality, there are many factors that needs to be considered in order to produce a more accurate simulation of vibrations. For example, the rate of vibrations are also affected by the properties of an object such as its weight, shape, size, and so on. Another example is when an object produces a vibration because it got moved by another vibration (pretty much like a domino effect). Whatever the amount of energy is applied, naturally vibration will fade as it travels further. Moreover, the effect of vibration are different in every kind of an object.

The above video however does not exactly state the algorithm and factors they have used to make videos interactive, but one thing for sure is that they studied and simulated vibrations very well.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Self Cleaning Toilets and UV Rays

If you ever have wondered which places are the most naturally sanitized locations on earth then most probably you have heard someone say it's the 'beach'. Whenever we think of 'beaches', we think of a warm sunny weather. Lately, people are using Ultra Violet (UV) light as a self cleaning mechanism. Naturally, UV lights are produced from the sun and these radiation has enough energy to break chemical bonds which is a process called ionization. UV rays are radiation that can be damaging to the tissues which is why we get sunburn under the sun. If we look at some hierarchy,  tissues are made of cells, cell are made of molecules, and molecules are made up of atoms that are chemically bonded. When the ionization process comes in, these bond of atoms breaks apart, and eventually without that bond then the tissue is considered dead or have dissolved. Although germs are not mainly made of tissues but they are still made up of cells so an amount of UV rays applied to them gets them killed. Of course, we don't expect these self-cleaning devices to be using the UV light from the sun since the sun only appears at a limited time during the day. They can be artificially produced like the technology they use on tanning booths, lamps, fluorescent and incandescent stuff.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Electrical Energy and Wind Turbines

Wind has always been one of the effective ways to produce electrical energy. Technically wind does not directly produce electrical energy but goes through a process. Wind are always in motion, and everything that moves produces what we call a kinetic energy. Everyday in our lives we see lots of these kinetic energy such as from wind, river, and specifically anything that has motion. To further multiply the effect of this kinetic energy, wind turbines have blades designed where wind goes through which makes it spin. Depending on the the design efficiency and effectiveness of the blades, they can spin for a long time with a small amount of wind. While spinning, this again produces a larger amount of energy called a mechanical energy (kinetic energy + energy produced by the blades in motion). The mechanical energy goes through a rotating mechanical device called a magnetic rotor. The rotor which is made of loops of magnetic copper wires produces electrical charges while it rotates. Most wind turbines has a transformer that increases the electrical generation. The electrical energy generated then travels through underground cables going through a station where electricity is stored for use later on.

The process can also apply to anything that produces kinetic energy. However, wind is the best source of kinetic energy because they are not limited leading us to question what makes a wind? It has been discovered that warm air rises and cold air drops (because they're heavier). From the bottom, warm air rises because they get heated by the sun or the land then they get cooled down as they reach the top then flows back again downward and pushes the other air on the bottom and the cycle repeats. While going through the cycle, air is being pushed making it flow which we can eventually feel and call it a wind.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Catching Fishes with Fire

One of the interesting ways to do fishing is to make use of fire. Fish farmers would simply wait for dawn or night to come and light a floating fire on top of the water. Eventually the fire attracts fishes and the fish farmers take this as an opportunity to trap them. This leaves us the question, why are the fishes attracted to fire?

Technically, it is not the fire that attracts the fishes but rather the light that it emits. Most fishes eats plants that are found under water. During daylight, plants absorbs light in what we call the photosynthesis process. These plants emits glowing light during night time. Fishes by evolution are sensitive to color underwater because of their eye receptacles. They can easily detect light so wherever their is light then their is food.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hacking and Social Engineering

Recently NatWest customer Annette Jefferys from UK had got her bank account hacked and lost 17,500 sterling pounds. It's not because the online banking is not secure when it comes to technology but rather because of social engineering. It has always been a belief that no such system is totally secured. As long as humans are in control, there will always be a way to find a loop hole because after all humans always make mistakes.

What the hacker did was to make a call to Annette Jefferys acting that he is an employee of NatWest online banking. They told her that her account is under threat and being attacked by fraudsters. He advised her to transfer her money to another account. Like what a typical person would do, she doubted the caller so Annette Jefferys had to find a way to validate that he is an employee of NatWest. The hacker told Annette that if she look at the phone number at the back of the card it should match the same number of the current call. The phone numbers did match however Annette did not know that there are software nowadays to change the caller number on the other end just like how you see the video above. The hacker was then able to get Annette's trust. She cooperated and gave all the details the hacker needed to gain control of her account. NatWest on the other hand had no idea that this is happening since the system assumes that it is the account owner who is entering the personal details to recover an account.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Project Aquila

Facebook finally launched an aircraft that would make it possible to distributed internet data at a wider coverage. The idea of the project is to launch an aircraft high up in the sky and be able to receive data and broadcast it back to the ground or to another aircraft to re-broad cast it to another place. We can think of the idea similar to cell towers except that it is flying up above the sky.  The interesting part are the technology that would make all of this possible. In order for the plane to last up flying in the sky, it will have to rely on solar power. The aircraft is as wide as a Boeing plane but lighter than a car so it somehow uses less energy and gets easily recharged. The aircraft will receive internet data using laser beams since it is the fastest way to do it, however if something blocks the path then the signal is blocked so they have to rely on using radio signals as a backup.

Anyhow, whether the project is successful or not, Facebook is still in control of the Internet data making it question whether its Philanthropic vision is true. The very core purpose of the project is to be able to let Internet reach on rural areas especially on developing countries. Yes, Internet will reach places, but connected users are limited only to the information provided to them by Facebook and probably make a business out of it.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Fall of Kick Ass Torrents

Artem Vaulin, founder of Kick Ass Torrent (KAT), the most popular torrent site after pirate bay has been caught by the authorities. So how did this happen? Like any other business, KAT needs to make money in order for it to be up all the time. Finding Artem Vaulin is similar to how police bust people who sells drugs simply by posing themselves as prospect buyer then bust them up right on the spot except that doing business with KAT is done virtually so it is difficult to see who you are dealing with and where they are located.

For KAT to make money, they chose to sell Ad spaces since it is the most effective way considering that the website has 50 million users visiting the site on a monthly basis. One of the informant (who called himself as Mr. White to hide his identity) posed as a prospect Ad buyer and continued buying Ads. He was instructed to deposit an amount of money to a bank in Latvia and later on from another bank in Estonia. Artem Vaulin did not consider the fact that these countries are part of the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT). The treaty states that countries who signed agrees to exchange information in an effort to enforce public laws or criminal laws. The treaty allowed the informant to gain information about the owner of the bank account whom he deposited money. I guess this is where they got to know the details of the founder such as his name, address, email and so on. Unfortunately, even if they have his personal details the authorities have no idea where he is hiding. His email address however is registered to Apple's iTunes and Facebook. One day, the email made a transaction with Apple's iTunes and login attempts with Facebook and that is where they were able to trace and crossed reference an IP Address pointing the location of Artem Vaulin (Yes, Apple and Facebook are mandated to work with the government and give them information accounts on watch list).

I guess Artem Vaulin did not consider using virtual private networks (VPN) whenever he performs transactions with iTunes and Facebook to cover up his tracks online. Maybe he did not bother using VPN because he thought authorities will not find his personal information anyway. If he have chosen a bank on a country that is not part of the MLAT treaty, then his personal information could have probably been protected.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mosquito Needle

Wet season has arrived here in the Philippines and one of the rampant sickness is the Dengue Fever carried by mosquitoes. This interesting species are carriers of viruses and it infects humans by the time that they point their needle (Proboscis) beneath your skin.

Mosquitoes are like surgeons, they have a sophisticated Proboscis build and procedure when they attempt to feed from blood. Inside the Proboscis are 6 needles. Two of the needles are designed to drill through the skin, they are sharp and designed like a saw. While the saw-like needles are drilling through the skin, another 2 needles are used to support to keep the skin open. While the skin is open, one of the needle produces a chemical to delay the clotting time of blood while the last needle is used to suck in blood. Since this needles are being used from one host to another, it collects bacteria and viruses which can be injected through the blood stream when they feed. This causes the host to acquire them and get sick.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sound Meet Helium

The effect of helium applied to someone else's voice is interesting. Sound is actually produced through vibrations. When air vibrates, it travels through waves which produces sounds that we can hear. These waves usually have high and low pressures which make the different levels of pitch. Whenever we speak, we use our lungs to produce air out of the mouth. The air is vibrated by our vocal chords therefore producing sound as we speak. Helium on the other hand is the lightest gas in the the family of noble gases. Sound travels faster with helium since helium is lighter than air. A sound traveling at high speed would let listeners perceive a squeaky fast sound effect (like the minions movie). On the other hand, if sound travels on a gas heavier than air then we would perceive a slower and deeper sound effect since sound will be traveling at a slower rate.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Vantablack Material

If you have ever wondered what would be the blackest material on earth then you should be looking at the Vantablack material. Vanta stands for Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Arrays. What makes this material interesting is that it absorbs 99.6% of the light that goes through it thus looking at the material feels like you're looking at a black hole. These Carbon nano tubes are responsible for absorbing the light and preventing it to escape. You can think of Carbon nano tubes as a typical tube that you see in everyday life, except that they are too tiny to see since they are measured using the nano unit of measurement. These millions of Carbon nano-tubes are arranged vertically and one of its strong properties is that it has an ideal black body and high absorbance rate. This mean that it just does not absorb light but other stuff as well like radiations.

We can think of a few applications where we can use the material such as improving heat absorption (because black absorbs light), it can be used for creating a new kind of art, it can be used by the military and aerospace to wherever they think it is useful to their objectives.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Painless Hypodermic Needle

Needles has always been one of the reasons why sick people does not want to get medicine shots. Psychologically, it is natural for people to be afraid of getting stabbed with pointed objects. A few years ago the Painless Hypodermic Needle has been invented that could probably at least mellow down this fear. It is a painless needle because the needle is as thin of Mosquito's Proboscis (that thing that the Mosquito uses to suck out blood). If you have ever been bitten by a Mosquito, most probably you've never felt it or at least with no pain at all. The good side of having small holes after injection is that the recovery is faster.

The concept is designed by a Japanese professor (Aoyagi). He studied Mosquito's Proboscis and attempted to replicate using silicon as a material rather than a metal object. The needle is only 0.1 millimeters in diameter so expect it to break when sudden force is applied during injection. To avoid the problem, professor Aoyagi also copied the movements of how mosquito uses their Proboscis, which is to slightly force and apply vibrations (similar to like how construction workers drill on roads with a jackhammer).

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Making Fire with Water

Using a clear sandwich bag and water, we can technically create a fire. The concept is to use the water similar to a magnifying glass. When light is applied to a magnifying glass, it bends all the light to a particular direction. When light is accumulated, it produces heat and eventually it can be used to ignite a fire. When light goes through a water, it goes in a refraction state. Refraction occurs when a wave travels to a medium then bounces at an oblique angle. If you have ever observed a pool under a sun, you would notice dancing lights on the floor because the water refracts the sun light while it is being moved back and forth. Using a sandwich bag, we can control the direction of the light to point to a constant location. We prefer to use a transparent sandwich bag since most of the light can go through. We need as much light as possible to produce heat. When we add water to the sandwich bag and shape it like a banana bud, the light that goes through the bag will refract all entering light and bends it to go to the tip where eventually produces the heat we need to ignite fire. Similarly, we can use multiple mirrors to bounce all light to a fixed point, accumulate heat and produce fire.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dallas Shooting and the Remotec Andros Mark Robot

A few days ago Dallas had an unfortunate event where snipers killed 5 police officers during protest. One of the snipers has been taken down by a robot called the Remotec Andros Mark Robot VA-1. Although the full specifications of this robot is unclear, it looks very much alike with its previous predecessors. The robot carried a C-4 explosive, attached to a brick wall where the sniper was hiding. The explosive was then remotely denoted that eventually killed the sniper.

Android Mark Robot technology is not new and has been there for a long time. One of the common uses of the Robot is to defuse bombs to avoid human casualty. The Android Mark Robot is remotely controlled by an operator very much similar to a drone. The robot has features like being able to hold guns, zoom-able camera, has a gas dispenser, window breaker, cable cutter, drills, saws, x-ray machines, and mount for launcher weapons.

Up to now one of the biggest challenge of this kind of robots is the terrain. The full details of how the robot got into the Sniper's hide out has not been reported (remains confidential maybe). The report however says the suspect was in a building so most probably the robot was able to climb through regular stepped stairs. Moreover, the movements of this kinds of robots are too mechanical and noisy, makes us wondering why the sniper was not able to hear it; but most probably he was currently distracted (exchanging gun fires).

Monday, July 11, 2016

Stair Climbing Wheelchair

A group of students from Zurich has invented a stair climbing wheel chair which they named Scalevo. It is a revolutionary wheel chair since most wheel chairs cannot climb stairs. The design concept of the wheel chair is to use an extra tank-like wheel to climb stairs. Since stairs are usually made in a waterfall type shape, the elongated shape of the wheel is very much useful to climb diagonally upwards. A layer of rubber is wrapped in the wheel to grip the floor. The concept is similar to placing a flat plank on the stairs so that a traditional wheel chair can move up.

The second problem it solves is when moving diagonally upwards. Their is a tendency for the chair to go unbalanced since most of the person's weight goes diagonally backwards. If the person is heavy, the wheel chair will flip and cause serious injury. This problem is solved by allowing the seat to align and level itself horizontally. A third problem occurs when you are almost on top of the stair where the chair will have to land. Since the elongated wheel is not designed flexible to bend, the wheel chair will be hanging on top and will have a solid land when the last step has been reached. This problem is solved by using another pair of wheel that slides out to support that extra gap and have a smooth landing.

The Scalevo wheel chair however is still a prototype and there are still a lot of improvements and here are a few feed backs that they could probably take into account for further improvement:
  1. The speed of climbing is slow. We need to take account that some stairs are used by a lot of people and would cause traffic especially if the stairs is narrow.
  2. It is not tested on different kinds of stairs. There are stairs that are too steep. There are stairs that has very wide steps (so in every step, the wheel chair will have to re-deploy its wheels).
  3. It is heavy and causes portability issues. With that kind of power it requires, it must be using a heavy equipment motor which is usually heavy (probably as heavy as a motor cycle).
  4. It cannot be driven manually or has no alternative mode for safety. The wheel chair is electric and could possibly run out of power. Some sensors might not work on the way and who knows what happens next if something went wrong (obviously you'll get stuck, but what would you do next?)
  5. Do you have a feed back? post it as a comment below.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality

Finally, Nintendo released a mobile based version of a Pokemon game. The idea is not new, but the experience is definitely new. Pokemon was traditionally played using GameBoy before, a role playing game where you catch Pokemon, train them, complete the story, and optionally connect to other GameBoy and do battles. The idea of making things multiplayer is great however not everyone before owns a GameBoy so eventually most of the people play only the story. Now that mobile phones got better in terms of technology and everybody almost has it, Nintendo made a solid move to make a Pokemon game to probably re-live the multiplayer idea. So far a lot of people are into it that investors flocked to the company and raised their stocks value as high as 10%.

Augmented Reality made all this new experience possible. The concept is to combine a realistic experience within the virtual world. The device has real time sensors that detects the current situation of the real world environment such as space, color, weather, temperature and so on. Given the variables and data, the software takes advantage of it to adapt just like how we see the virtual Pokemon appropriately placed and aligned to the physical objects we see on the camera. This therefore mean that mobile phones that lacks sensors will not be able to play Pokemon Go (or maybe it can but not with the desired full experience).

The only thing that we see missing on the game is the story. Yes, maybe a lot of new kids will play it, have fun with the multiplayer, but will they ever know the story behind? We're not sure if this will attract a gamer who plays for the story.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jupiter and Magnetic Fields

A few days ago NASA's spacecraft Juno finally got close to Jupiter after 5 or 6 years of travel. The spacecraft got close enough to be able to study the properties of Jupiter and one of the interesting finds is Jupiter's Magnetic Field. Within our solar system, it turns out that Jupiter's Magnetic Field is 10 times stronger than ours here on Earth.

So how does this Magnetic Field work? If you have ever used a compass, you would have realized that anywhere and everywhere you go, the compass needle points constantly to a direction which actually guides navigators to locate North, East, West, and South. The reason for this constant direction is because of a Magnetic Field. The Magnetic field is produced by Earth's interior similar to a power generator that produces electricity. Although Magnetic Fields actually has a natural greater purpose besides for navigational use, it deflects solar winds coming from the sun to enter Earth (you can see how this happens by viewing the aurora northern and southern lights). Without the Magnetic Field, solar winds will enter and causes a lot of unexpected disruptions (from weather to any intelligent life).

Today, everybody is talking about "Global Warming" as a threat not knowing that our Magnetic Field is also drastically changing which has greater risk that would lead to us to extinction. As of the moment, scientists do not fully understand yet how these Magnetic Fields are really generated and why it changes.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pressure and Ice

From the ice cutting experiment above, it was demonstrated that a pressure can actually melt an ice. If we try to look at the principle of the first law of thermodynamics, an object applied with an external change will cause it to react to counteract the change. When pressure is applied to an ice, the ice gets squeezed into a smaller volume. Since an ice has the capability to transform to water, it will lower its melting point to fit to a smaller volume to counteract the change.

Using the first law of thermodynamics, we can see how the string cut the ice into two using pressure. The ice however went back to solid state when the pressure was removed and this process is called 'Regelation'. Note that the video is not melting the whole ice but rather only on the specific point where the strings were placed; therefore majority of the surroundings of the melted ice is still cold and frozen making the melted portion back to an ice (like how you will probably freeze also when you stick to a freezing object).

However, I do not think that this would be the best natural option for defrosting your food.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Using a Saw as a Violin

I came across this video where an old man plays violin using a saw and got interested on how this actually works. Violins as we know has the bow and the body with strings attached. Very much similar to a guitar, when we apply vibration to the string, it will produce a sound. The sound goes to the wooden part of the violin to amplify the sound. While the string is playing a sound, we can make the sound wobble by moving the string up and down. We can see here that we can manipulate the sound depending on the pressure on how up and down you push/pull the string (Like how rock stars play their electric guitars).

Going back to the old man using a violin as a guitar, we can see here that he actually made use of the saw as the string. Well it turns out that violin strings are also made out of steel. However the saw has a different kind of steel known as a High speed steel a special steel that are strong but since it is mostly used for cutting tools they are thin (and flexibly strong). So applying vibration to the steel produces sound which we can manipulate by bending. The only difference here is that the saw doesn't have a body to amplify the sound, but of course we can make use of a mic to do that.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion

The Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion concept is made possible by Kokichi Sugihara who is fund of making illusions. It is Ambiguous because we are literally holding a cube shape object but it appears as a cylindrical object in the mirror (or vice-versa) making us question whether the shape is a cube or cylinder. The object actually is a combination of both (a rounded cube) but with an arc shapes on the opening edges thus if we try to put it appropriately in different angles, we form two recognizable shapes which is a cube or a cylinder.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Stringless Yo-Yo!

There are 2 basic common parts that we see in a yo-yo and that would be the disc with a string attached. Basically the yo-yo moves up and down the string through rotations. Normally the yo-yo bounces and rolls back up once it reaches the tip of the string. However, it is possible to play a yo-yo without having the string attached to the disc but can still bounce back. This is made possible if the disc rotates fast enough such that when it touches anything, it will cause friction and eventually pulls anything towards it. But if the object it is pulling has stronger force than itself, the yo-yo gets pulled in reverse. Therefore we can imagine a yo-yo rotating so fast that once a string is touched to the disc, the yo-yo pulls and wraps itself with the string until it gets stretched. Since the string is being held by your hand on the other end and you're pull is stronger than the force of the yo-yo, the the yo-yo gets pulled back.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Developing on Project Bloks

I came across this new interesting project of Google called 'Bloks'. From the looks of it, I find it similar with the software platforms that aims to teach programming easier without having to do coding. For instance, the Scratch project developed by MIT. The difference however is that Google's 'Blok' project is not virtual since you can literally touch, feel, hear, and see the components and its output. Moreover, you perform the logic by simply putting pieces together by hand similar on how we do it on Lego.

From the looks of it, it seems like there are only a few 'Bloks' developed, however I am hoping that this would mature that hopefully it can be used for advanced development aimed to real world applications. As of the moment, it looks like it aims to teach people how to do programs as a physical manifestation.